Get started with the Thrive guidebook!

Get started with the Thrive guidebook!

What are your organization’s goals? Do you need to increase donations? Get more people to take advocacy actions? Retain or increase membership? Thrive is built to help you achieve those goals by turning fans and followers into passionate supporters of your organization.

Thrive is web-based software (a social CRM) that helps you find and nurture key relationships online while offering a streamlined, uncluttered interface from which to manage Twitter and Facebook. Thrive even offers robust reporting and analytics tools so you can learn from and replicate your successes.

Thrive helps you:

Cultivate relationships



  • Find your existing stakeholders online by converting your email lists into robust social media profiles.*
  • Reach new supporters through keyword searches.
  • Organize your contacts with tags so you can target your donors, prospects, volunteers, media contacts, VIPs, etc.
  • Find your influencers - see who’s retweeted you the most, mentioned you the most, and who you’ve contacted most recently.
  • See biographical information to contextualize the conversation.
  • View relationship/interaction history.
  • DM or @ reply to multiple people on Twitter simultaneously.


Manage social media

  • Manage Twitter, Facebook and
  • Schedule messages with the calendar view.
  • Receive and respond to all inbound messages in one place.
  • Tag messages as “positive,” “negative,” “important,” and/or "follow-up."

Replicate what works

Thrive Reports

Thrive Reports

Learn from your successes with our robust reporting tools. Reports include:

  • Detailed summary reports (overview and individual reports for Facebook, Twitter,
  • Retweets & Reach and Mentions & Reach Reports.
  • Follows & Unfollows report.

Get the exact information you need:

  • Drill down in each report to see which specific messages drove the most engagement.
  • Toggle 30-, 60-, 90-day views and custom date ranges.
  • Download individual reports as .csv files so you can compare them with other data sources and generate custom reports based on your organization’s needs.

Get help when you need it

In addition to the software, you will receive:

  • Personalized, one-on-one onboarding to the software.
  • Online and phone support.
  • Monthly webinars from experts in social media and Small Act staff.

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*Email list conversion is only available in our Enterprise packages. Call or email us for more details.