1.  Twitter only allows you to send a direct message (DM) to someone who is following you.  Not sure if they are following you?  Click the person’s username in Thrive.  A profile pane will pop up at the bottom of your screen.  In the bottom left corner of the profile pane, you can see whether the person is following you.  If so, you can send them a DM.

I want to send Small Act a DM.  First I click “smallact”, then I verify in the profile pane that Small Act is following me.


2. Ok, I’m ready to write my message.  Go to Compose and make sure that the only social network selected is Twitter – DMs cannot be sent to people on Facebook!

Then type a lowercase d, then a space, and then the username of the person you would like to DM.  Then add your message


3. Click “Publish Now.”