Have you ever noticed that bit.ly reuses the same shortened bit.ly link when you’re sharing the same long URL multiple times? Every week when we share a new blog post, I link to our blog – http://www.smallact.com/blog/. However, each time I shorten that link in Thrive’s “Add a link” field  or on bit.ly’s web interface, I get the same exact shortened link every time – http://bit.ly/bHrIci.

There’s only one problem with getting the same shortened link every time. Click-through rates are tracked cumulatively. So, if I share the same shortened link more than once, I’m not getting data that accurately tracks the click-through rate for each instance.

But, eureka, I’ve got a workaround. If you’d like to create unique bit.ly links each time you shorten a long link, just add an anchor to the end of the URL.

Message 1: http://www.smallact.com/blog#aa [shortens to] http://bit.ly/cVtPKg

Message 2: http://www.smallact.com/blog#ab [shortens to] http://bit.ly/9jcOgJ

Message 3: http://www.smallact.com/blog#ac [shortens to] http://bit.ly/cdR1Ry

Now, I can track the click-through rate for each instance. So, I can continue to post the link to Small Act’s blog week after week and get an accurate count for how many people our visiting our site because of my message.

If you have any questions or feedback about this method, let us know.