Annie Lynsen

Great to meet you! Here's some stuff you may find helpful. First off, I'm putting a picture of myself here, because I hate having those awkward moments where you run into someone and you can't remember their name and then you have to pretend like you do remember, but then somebody else walks up and asks you to introduce them and then you have to hope that the person you can't remember steps it up and introduces herself so you don't have to admit you can't remember her name.

There. Future crisis averted.

Secondly, go here if you want to learn more about where I work: Small Act. It's pretty awesome. Small Act provides social data and social CRM tools, primarily for nonprofits and associations.

You can also follow me on Twitter, if you want.

Want to connect on LinkedIn? Sure, we can do that too.

And if you have one of those fancy phones that lets you tap a phone number to call me, feel free to give my work phone a jingle at 703.828.4085, ext. 11.

Have an awesome day!