Happy holidays to you, our awesome readers

I've been in charge of this blog for almost four years now, and it brings me such joy to hear from people who read and enjoy it. I'm lucky to be able to write about a subject I find fascinating: nonprofits and technology. So as a "thank you" to all you awesome readers, here's some holiday fun for you - a poem (with some fun, festive links) I wrote for our annual holiday email. Peace!

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Is Facebook good or bad for nonprofits?

Oh, Facebook. What are we going to do with you? I have such mixed feelings about Facebook this month. On the one hand, they've just implemented a feature that, let's face it, they should have done YEARS ago (or at least in time for Giving Tuesday): the ability to donate to nonprofits directly through their Facebook pages. On the other hand, users have noticed that brand page reach has taken a sudden downturn. This isn't just anecdotal evidence, either: Execs at Facebook have flat-out said that organic reach for brand pages will decline due to their yet-again-revamped News Feed algorithm (they never tire of tinkering with that, do they?).

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How to jumpstart your 2014 marketing and fundraising with social data

Whether you're in marketing, communications or fundraising, you communicate with a lot of people every day.

And if there's one thing we marketers and fundraisers have had drilled into our heads, over and over, it's the importance of knowing your audience.

But when you're working with a large number of people, that can be hard to do. Getting to know thousands or hundreds of thousands of people on an individual basis has historically been a daunting prospect at best, impossible at worst. 

Not anymore.

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