Why Measuring Should Come First

The following is a guest post by the man, the myth, the legend: John HaydonIt originally appeared on his blog and we're reposting it with permission.


Many nonprofit social media folks, including me, have stressed putting measurement at the end of a campaign plan. But measuring only after a campaign is a mistake – if you want to understand your people.

Note that measuring also occurs during a campaign to make sure you’re on track, and also at the end to celebrate success (or not as the case may be).

According to the POST method, starting with “People” first always works:

  • People: What do your people want from you?
  • Objectives: What can you do to satisfy that need?
  • Strategy: How are you going to do it?
  • Tactics: What tools will you use?

Because “People” comes first in this model, it’s important to measure at the beginning (including monitoring). This way you can properly understand your people, and discover how you can best help them (Objective). 

What do you think?