Webinar: DIY social media video for your nonprofit

The fabulous Aaron Bramley from Ridgewood: Ingenius Communications Strategies presented this helpful webinar on how to get started doing social media video at your nonprofit.

You can watch the video of his presentation below, and learn:

  • How video, when done well, can make a huge impact for your cause
  • Tips and techniques to make your videos shine, including:
    • What sorts of equipment you will need
    • Advice on buying reasonably-priced equipment
    • Lighting tips
    • Shot types
    • Tips for how to frame your shots
    • And more!

Below are links Aaron shared during the webinar, and additional helpful links for making great videos.

Flip Spotlight Program

YouTube Nonprofit Program

Video syndicator (Tube Mogul)

Kodak Zi8

Great little tri-pod

Great info on entry level mics

How to conduct a great interview (article 1) (article 2)

Learn with LCH - our workshops and consultations

Great resources: