Top Small Act blog posts of far

Social media flow chart

Social media flow chart

It's that time again...time to dive into good ol' Google Analytics and find out which posts are resonating with you, our readers.

10. The future of social media for nonprofits What will the future of social media hold? What will that future mean for nonprofits? Here are some things to consider as you and your organization look ahead.

9. Success is not defined, nor is the path to get there. Be wild! Consider these thoughts on how to fight the "How We Do Things Around Here" attitude that plagues many nonprofits.

8. Top 8 nonprofit tech blogs Looking for some good nonprofit tech news sources? Here are our recommendations.

7. It's time for nonprofit social media memes! It's fun to have fun on the blog sometimes.

6. WEBINAR: Finding support for your project with Foundation Grants to Individuals Online In late January, we sponsored a webinar with the Foundation Center on a great new online tool to find foundation grants for individuals. Here's the recording!

5. Are you following our top five #nptech-ies yet? You should be. This was a roundup of our nonprofit tech Twitter crushes. These folks have only gotten more awesome since February, so check them out.

4. Tell your organization's story visually...on Pinterest Pinterest is the shiny object du jour, and this post explains what Pinterest is and offers some basic tips for using it successfully as a nonprofit.

3. When someone asks if your org should be on social media, you say "YES!" On January 19, I had to take this manifesto out of my head and write it down. This post also features a handy flow chart about whether your nonprofit should be on social media (see right).

2. Top 20 ways to sabotage your nonprofit's social media efforts Here are 20 sure-fire ways to do social media badly. Take heed! (I especially like this post because I was able to work in a quote from Star Trek VI on the origin of the word "sabotage.")

1. 12 free ebooks on nonprofits, social media and fundraising Everybody loves free things, and with continuing education budgets slashed, free training opportunities are highly sought-after.

What has been your favorite post this year, from either this blog or another blog?