To raise money with social media, start with social data

Average lifetime gifts

Fundraisers see great successes like Charity:Water, their eyes get wide, and they inevitably ask me the question: “How can we use social media to raise more money?” The problem is that – while social media is powerful, and can be evocative and engaging and often a necessary component of every marketing campaign – these kind of fundraising successes aren’t the norm. Campaigns like those Charity:Water and Kiva have done are unpredictable, and simply aren’t replicable by smaller or less-agile organizations.

So I’m sorry to say it, but…your social media presence is not the key to fundraising. However, that being said, data acquired through social media holds the key to dramatically improved fundraising. You can gather all kinds of critical information through social media — information you can’t get anywhere else — that can amp up your fundraising to the next level and help you achieve your goals...

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