Three reasons I love NTEN

Are you a nonprofiteer whose job involves the use of computer technology (what I like to call a NP-Techie)? Are you a member of NTEN? If not, you should be. Here's why.

  1. The Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC). This annual conference brings together some of the most awesome people I know, and it's one of the most effectively planned and run conferences I've ever been to. The planning committee works so hard to make sure there's adequate time for networking in addition to some spectacular, deeply interesting sessions to attend. They also treat their vendors super nicely, so whether you're a sponsor or an attendee, you never feel like there's a wasted moment. I always come away feeling like I've gained a great deal.
  2. Awesome learning and networking opportunities between conferences. NTEN produces webinars year-round, and their 501 Tech Clubs, in several major cities around the country, are fabulous, too.
  3. Fantastic blog. When it comes to blogs on nonprofit technology, a few stand out from the crowd, and NTEN's blog is definitely in the upper echelon. They get guest posters from all walks of the nonprofit tech community, and I always come away learning something new.

Need I say more? NTEN is awesome. So join NTEN or renew your membership today!

NTEN is running an #NTENThanks campaign all month to thank their members for their contributions. I just want to take a moment to thank NTEN for providing such valuable resources. Please feel free to join me in thanking them in the comments!