The 3 skills you need to analyze social data

I stumbled across an excellent post on Social Media Today called "Essential skills for analyzing social data." In it, Ian Michiels discusses the key qualities to seek in a person who will be responsible for social data analysis, including:

  • Deep knowledge of your cause/industry: You want someone who can intuit the keywords and search terms that will most easily help your organization find the people it's looking for and parse the data.
  • Inquisitive nature, puzzle-solver: Because social data is one big, complex puzzle, finding gems among the rocks is a tricky task.
  • Results-driven, focused on customer satisfaction: This person will inevitably come across dissatisfied customers/members in their research, and it's vital that they have the passion to close the loop on outstanding issues, working with other departments where needed.

I highly recommend you go and read the full article. What skills would you add to the list?