Ten ideas for social media posts when you’re stuck

Especially when you’re new to social media, it’s easy to find yourself staring at an empty status message box with no idea of what to say. It’s OK - it happens to the best of us.

Here are ten ideas for tweets or status messages for those times when you have a little case of 140-character writer’s block.

1. Thank people
When was the last time you thanked someone for retweeting your content, or for mentioning your organization in a tweet or blog post? If lots of people have been mentioning you, consider yourself lucky - and give them a shout, like this:

@thinklynsen @kateyhays @keshields @shaker242 Thanks for retweeting my article on the best ways to cook squid! You rock!

Spreading the love with a public “thank you” is a nice way to lift up your biggest supporters and to show people you’re paying attention!

2. Facts and stats
People on Twitter, particularly, LOVE facts and stats, especially if they’re short, compelling, and easy to share. For example:

Fact: Archaeological findings show that T-Rexes were incredible tap dancers. [link]

3. Reminders
Just because you’ve posted it before doesn’t mean you can’t post it again. Don’t pester people nonstop, but if it’s been a couple of days since you told folks about some great new program, don’t hesitate to remind them. For example:

In case you missed it, we’re still accepting donations of Cadbury Mini Eggs for the Keep Annie Lynsen Sane Fund! Donate today!

4. Tie in with a holiday
The calendar is full of National ____ Days. Keep an editorial calendar for things like National Volunteer Day, National Love Your Kids Day, etc. and brainstorm how you could tie those days in with your programs and existing web content. For example:

Today is National Banana Day! Did you know banana peels make an excellent alternative fuel source? More info here: [link]

5. Hidden gems on your website
Chances are, there are resources on your website that are terribly useful but are buried so deep, most people don’t stumble across them. Why not dust them off and give them a day in the sun?

One of the best-kept secrets of our website is our list of 101 Ways to Communicate with Antelope. Check it out! [link]

6. Just say hi
I’m a big fan of the “Hi everyone! How was your weekend?” type of tweet/status message, but there are more creative ways to go about it, too:

Hi! Today our staff is having a marshmallow-eating competition. How many marshmallows do you think @smallactguy can down?

7. Questions
Twitter and Facebook are all about conversations. The best conversations involve give and take, not just talking about yourself nonstop. Ask your followers how they got interested in your cause, what their ideas are for your next program, or just how their day or weekend was. For example:

We love mimes! What’s your favorite memory of Marcel Marceau?

8. Hint at upcoming programs
You may not be ready to fully announce your next program yet, but sometimes it’s good to build a little mystery and intrigue, like this:

We can’t tell you much about our next fundraising event, but we can say it involves Venus Flytraps. Stay tuned!

9. Pictures
Do you have a great photo to share from a recent event or program? Or maybe just a fun snapshot of your staff in the office? Throw it on your favorite photo sharing site and link to it from Twitter and Facebook.

Check out this great pic from our Paint-Filled-Water-Balloon Fight at the State Capitol last Saturday! [link]

Quotes also get retweeted like crazy. Maybe you’ve got a fantastic supporter who said something great in a thank-you letter, or maybe there’s an inspirational quote your organization uses in its materials a lot. Post it!

“Every day, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.” -Dr. Seuss

(That was my senior quote in my high school year book. True story. And now I’m writing blog posts about squid, so there you go.)

My point is: there is ALWAYS something to write about. Next time you’re stumped, give one of these ideas a try!