Tell your organization's story visually...on Pinterest



Everybody's talking about Pinterest, the next evolution of social bookmarking tools like Digg,, StumbleUpon, etc. Instead of sharing a bookmark in text form, you share it visually, on an attractive "pinboard." You can follow others' boards and repin (AKA reblog, retweet) their posts.

I signed up for an account early on, but hadn't really gone back to it in awhile, so I decided to give it another try in light of the recent hoopla. Pinterest is surprisingly addictive, though I'm seeing a lot more pictures of dresses than I expected to. (Then again, my friends on Pinterest are largely in the target demographic of 18-44-year-old women.)

Pinterest has given me a forum to collect and share recipes, book recommendations, things that make me laugh, and even a small (but growing) portfolio of stuff I'm particularly proud to have written for various blogs.

But the fun doesn't end there: there are practical applications for your nonprofit as well. AARP and the National Wildlife Federation have found good ways to target niche audiences on Pinterest, and one of our friends at the RAD Campaign recently posted a bodacious brainstorm of 42 creative uses for Pinterest targeted at specific kinds of nonprofits.  And if those aren't enough, here are 17 more fascinating ideas for organizations.

Some guidelines to consider as you dive into Pinterest (courtesy of The Huffington Post):

  • Be useful.
  • Pinterest users are looking for ideas and inspiration.
  • Create categories that reflect what users are looking for.
  • Give the job to someone who has an eye for aesthetics.
  • Learn from Pinterest superusers.
  • Don’t just pin, repin.
  • Let your supporters pin for you.
  • Add "pin it" buttons to your blog or web site so your visitors and supporters can create their own pin boards that highlight your cause.

Has your organization tried Pinterest yet? Tell us your story in the comments.