Technology Promos are Smart Marketing

This week’s guest post is brought to you by Jocelyn Azada, CEO of Promotional Product Solutions, a friend of Small Act’s.

In 2010, 3 technology trends that had existed separately began to be used in combination with each other: mobile phones + social media + location services. The combination, termed social local mobile, is a powerful one.

Here’s a tasty example: Funky food trucks tweeting their locations to happy foodies in LA.

An inspiring example: Young Tunisans and Egyptians changing their world through protests organized on Facebook.

An economic example: According to the Wall Street Journal, Groupon’s first quarter 2011 revenue was close to $650 million. Its total 2010 revenue was about $700 million, and 2009 revenue was $30 million, making it one of the fastest growing companies in history.

We’re using new tools and techniques to get and share information, connect with family and friends, revolutionize the world, and yes, get coupons.

With the rapidly growing use of smartphones, tablets, netbooks and e-readers, technology promos are smart marketing for your organization: They’re useful, valued and trendy. You can provide actual logoed technology devices (like a wireless mouse), accessories for your devices (earbuds, anyone?), and even a QR code linking to your organization’s website printed on a promotional item. Here are some suggestions:

1. Logoed Computer Sleeves and Logoed Cases for tablets, netbooks and e-readers: Great gifts for employees as a visible branding piece and a way to protect devices while on the go.


2. Logoed Solar mobile phone chargers: Keep your mobile phone charged, save electricity and promote solar power. Enough said. Plus, it’s cool.


3. Logoed USB Drives: Drives with 3.0 technology are coming out which will allow HD videos to be uploaded more quickly. In addition to function, form’s been evolving, too, with bamboo, wooden and recycled plastic USB drives available. A popular item with students is the logoed memory band: silicon bands you can wear with a USB drive built in.


4. Logoed Portable Speakers: How’s this for cool? A set of 2 collapsible cardboard ROHS-compliant speakers with your own design. They’re visually impactful and carry sound.


5. Promotional products and QR Codes: QR codes, or quick response codes, are 2-D barcodes which can decoded by mobile phones with an appropriate QR code scanner app. QR codes have been used in a variety of marketing media including print ads in magazines, store displays and business cards. QR codes can contain specific messages, coupons or websites, and can be printed on specific promotional items, affording another opportunity to engage with your audience.


Jocelyn is the CEO of Promotional Product Solutions, a promotional products company focused on environmentally sustainable and socially responsible promotional products and promotional marketing. She can be reached at