Spring is here: Time for social media housecleaning

Cleaning products

Cleaning products

This week marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, a time of excitement and renewal. Now is a great time to do a bit of social media upkeep: Facebook: Go through your Timeline and add in significant milestones for your organization. Review and update your "about" information.

Twitter: Go through your recently-added followers and follow back according to your generally established practices. Update your public lists. Double-check your bio and update as necessary.

Google+: Update your profile information for your organization. Test out the "Hangouts" feature if you haven't already, and see if it could work as a tool for connecting with your supporters.

Pinterest: Go through the people you follow and "unfollow" any boards that aren't relevant or don't interest you or your organization.

YouTube: Check for videos that are out-of-date and consider creating updated versions. Experiment with adding annotations and closed captions to your videos.

Blogs: Clean out your spam comments folder, if applicable. If you're using Wordpress, update your plugins, themes and Wordpress version. If you're using Blogger, update your "about" information and consider trying out a new template.

Do you have a social media cleanup routine? If so, please share it in the comments!

Photo credit: go_greener_oz on Flickr