Small Act empowers fundraisers with Profile Builder

New software gives organizations key insight into existing, prospective donors

Profile Builder

Profile Builder

Small Act, a company that empowers nonprofits and associations to nurture key relationships through its social media software and various consulting services, today announced the debut of Profile Builder, powerful software that fosters fundraising success by giving new insights into donor passions and priorities.

Profile Builder, which was designed to help nonprofits and associations make new use of their existing email databases, scours more than 100 social media networks for the publicly-available information associated with each email address. That data is then used to create individualized social profiles showing each person’s recent activity, total audience, top concerns and more. This allows organizations to better know their donors, and engage with them in new and more meaningful ways.

“In this challenging economy, it’s imperative that fundraisers relate the mission of their organization to the values and passions of each donor,” said Casey Golden, Small Act’s chief executive officer. “Profile Builder is the perfect way for nonprofits and associations to build a better understanding of each donor and prospect.”

Profile Builder has drawn strong praise from its testers, including National Wildlife Federation, Children’s National Medical Center, World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife, GlobalGiving and CEO and noted fundraising expert Jay Frost.

“This is a game changer as fundraisers can now make the most of every interaction,” Frost said. “The information they get from Profile Builder helps them better understand each donor, it helps see the best times to reach out, and it generates more meaningful conversations. It’s exactly what they need to succeed at fundraising.”

Profile Builder reports are available in two formats: web interface or spreadsheet. The more robust web interface includes a wide array of data, including each person’s name, location, age range and job title; leading indicators such as their top concerns and total audience; their network size on specific social web sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; and the their most recently shared public posts, such as unprotected tweets. More focused spreadsheet files track each person’s name, job title and available Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account links.

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Founded in 2008 and based in McLean, Va., Small Act helps nonprofits and associations nurture key relationships through its social media software and various consulting services. Founded in 2008 and based in McLean, Va., Small Act proudly helps AARP, National Geographic Entertainment and more than 150 other clients make the most of their social media investment. Learn more at