Sign this petition to keep the .NGO domain only for nonprofits

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Today, thousands of new domains are up for grabs. One of the most important to the nonprofit community is the .NGO domain.

It's important that the right organization be chosen to run this new domain and the nonprofit community is rallying around the Public Interest Registry, and their .NGO effort.

Public Interest Registry (PIR) is the nonprofit organization that currently manages .org, and they've been doing that for more than 25 years. PIR needs community support to make sure that they receive consideration before other for-profit interests who might also apply for the domain.

We can make sure that .NGO stays in nonprofit hands by signing this petition.

Click to support NGO

Click to support NGO

Why you should sign the petition

Under the management of PIR, the .ngo domain will only be available to nonprofit organizations. This means that there will never be doubt over whether your organization is legitimately a nonprofit - you can simply point to the fact that you were able to acquire an extension that's available to only non-profits.

Please, if you work for a nonprofit organization, sign this quick and easy online letter of support today and pass it on to other nonprofits in your community. If you don't work for a nonprofit but with one, ask them to sign it and pass it on.

And by signing the petition, it does't mean that you're committing to buy the .NGO domain once it's out; you're simply showing supporting the ideas that .NGO domain that should be used exclusively by nonprofits should be administered by a nonprofit.

Together we can show ICANN, the international body that regulates domain extensions, that the nonprofit community is a unified force.