SIGN THE PETITION: This is what nonprofits need more than a Facebook donate button

I've ranted a fair bit about Facebook the past couple of days, it's true. And many of you have shared in the ranting and frustration with Facebook. But now we have an opportunity to do something positive with that energy.

The fact of the matter is, the "Donate" button Facebook provided is a good step. Sure, it would be nice if donor information was shared, but at its core, it's nice Facebook is, in some small way, acknowledging the power of their platform to create social good.

But now we need Facebook to take another step in the right direction. Because nobody is going to use that shiny, new "Donate" button if nonprofits' pages are effectively invisible on the platform (which they are, along with all other brand pages, since Facebook's latest tinkering with their News Feed algorithm).

There's an easy model for Facebook to draw upon. Google has offered $10,000 ad grants for years, giving nonprofits tremendous opportunities to get their message out through the various Google ad platforms. We're asking Facebook to do something similar, to help make a difference in the world.