Red Bull skydive from space: 3 social media lessons for your nonprofit

It's highly probable that your organization lacks the budget to pull off a stunt like the Red Bull skydive from space. While the stunt was a publicity goldmine, it's not practical or even on-brand for nonprofits. However, there are lessons we can all learn from this epic stunt.

  1. Trying new things and stepping outside the normal PR constructs can pay off. Take risks. Be awesome.
  2. You may not need to have a multi-million dollar campaign, but it does take more than just posting a video on YouTube to "Go viral." Viral videos viral because they are generally agreed to be awesome, unusual and interesting, and because there's a broader push behind them - not because they simply exist on social media.
  3. A picture is worth 1,000 words. Reading about this event simply doesn't do it justice. Don't hesitate to use visuals, particularly video, in your communications.

What did you think of the stunt? Are there any other lessons we can derive from it?