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Small Act Facebook Timeline

Small Act Facebook Timeline

Did you hear the Internet cracking in half earlier this week? That was the sound of these four blog posts being published. If you're in the nonprofit tech/social media sphere, you can't miss these articles:

Facebook Timeline Changed the Way We See Brand Pages; Here’s How
Data junkies, take heed: This article features eye-tracking studies of the old-style Facebook brand pages versus the Timeline brand pages. The results are intriguing, and somewhat disheartening (you mean they NEVER look at the wall content?). You'll see not only what garners the most attention, but in what order people view the elements of your brand page.

How Does Social Media Affect Website Search Rankings? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Granted, the sample size is small, but this brief study showcases a few key points: When it comes to SEO, Google+ is king, and Twitter is faltering at best, ineffective at worst.

Why You Should Be Pinning Posts on Facebook
Facebook's new "Pin to Top" option on their brand pages is a surprisingly powerful tool for increasing engagement. Check out this case study.

Pinterest and Flickr Make Photo Attribution Easier
After the much-publicized kerfuffle between Pinterest and Flickr over photo attribution, it looks like the two companies have buried the hatchet and found a workaround to help photographers get credit when their images are posted on Pinterest. This is a big step forward for Pinterest, and continues to prove the point that it's not just a fad.