Random stuff we love, November 2013 edition

We've found lots of great, new resources on the web lately, so here's a quick roundup!

Google launches Helpouts

Got a burning question to ask a professional? Google has combined Hangouts with Google Wallet to offer Helpouts, a tool that lets you pay to ask an expert to help with a problem. So, for example, if you're having a cooking debacle, a chef could actually SEE what you're doing and offer advice, that sort of thing.  Google vets all the experts at this stage, but I'm wondering if nonprofits can get in on this action, for an added revenue stream/PR opportunity.

Everything you ever wanted to know about RFPs and how to create them

Amy Lee, who previously wrote a guest post for this blog about what to do when the organization's website is unceremoniously dropped into your lap, has a great writeup on  what an RFP is and how to create one.

Facebook photo dimensions guide, 2013 edition

After last week's blog post on how to create photos for Facebook when you lack a photo library, Ken Gagne commented:

Facebook tends to crop photos as they appear on timelines and newsfeeds, and not everyone will click through to see the full photo. I'm never sure how my image uploads are going to look in those contexts. Is there a reliable set of dimensions I can use to ensure best visibility?

I did some digging, and found an excellent guide from a professional photographer. Check it out.

Bonus: How to coach nonprofit staff to use social media

So this isn't so much a "random thing I love" as a chance to post a presentation I gave last week at the Washington Foundation Center for a group of librarians who work with nonprofits. In that presentation, I talked about whether social media was worth the effort, and how to coach patrons to use it. You may recognize a lot of this content pulled from a similar presentation I did earlier in October, but this version features a LOT more examples of nonprofits doing social media well. I've embedded the slide show below:

What's your favorite resource of the moment? Post it in the comments!