New Facebook tools and resources every nonprofiteer needs

Facebook has made a fair number of changes lately, and new how-to resources and commentaries have been popping up around the web. Here's the stuff you need to know:

Photo from  CodeMasterSnake  on Flickr

Photo from CodeMasterSnake on Flickr

Facebook now has shared photo albums! There's no word yet if this feature will be available to brands, but it's worth keeping an eye on. Imagine the possibilities if you could have conference attendees upload their own photos, for example.

How Facebook's new News Feed algorithm determines which posts are high-quality: Facebook has updated their News Feed yet again, so it's time to bone up on the latest tips and tricks for making sure your content gets seen.

How you should be posting content on Facebook: Wisdom from John Haydon. Need I say more?

Facebook has changed its contest rules, so now you CAN allow people to enter a contest by Liking or commenting. may not be the best idea, says SocialTimes, and you should bear these considerations in mind, says Convince & Convert.

Want to promote a post, but not necessarily blast it out to all the people who Liked your page? Now you can, with "Dark Posts." This is a cool technique which has, apparently, been secretly available for six months.