New Facebook how-tos and best practices



Everyone seems to be talking about Facebook in the past week! There have been so many great new resources coming out, I thought it would be helpful to aggregate the best ones for you all.

Why fans share and how brands can capitalize on it
Most people "like" or comment, but few "share." What drives "sharing" behavior?

Facebook Groups: An effective, overlooked tool
A fascinating perspective from Debra Askanse.

They work! Facebook mobile ads are clicked 13x more, earn 11x more money than its desktop ads
Knowledge worth incorporating into your advertising strategy.

Should your brand page be on Facebook or Google+? [Infographic]
It depends on your audience.

How does your nonprofit stack up on Facebook?
Some new benchmarking stats that just emerged regarding nonprofits and Facebook.

How to schedule an update on your Facebook page
Featuring handy video guide from John Haydon!

Huge problem for monetization: Lawsuit forces facebook to let you opt out of sponsored story ads
Interestingly, you can't opt out of ALL sponsored story ads, just specific ones.

Photo credit: Thos003 on Flickr