Is your organization providing real value on Facebook?

Much as I love social media, I have to admit Facebook has become a hot mess lately. My News Feed is overcluttered with memes, "likes" and comments on the posts of people I don't even know, and a glut of brand page clutter. In other words, the wheat-to-chaff ratio is seriously out of whack.

Dear brands, I won't "like" you anymore if...



So in a fit of frustration, I went on an "unliking" spree, with the following criteria:

  1. I will no longer "like" your brand if you haven't provided legitimate value in my News Feed in the past six months and/or I haven't interacted with you in six months.
  2. I will not longer "like" your page if I'm merely expressing an interest and have no intent to actually engage with your brand's page.

With these criteria, I whittled down my "likes" from over 300 to a mere 81.

Is YOUR page providing value?

So this leads me to wonder, how are nonprofits faring in the competition for people's limited attention spans? Are most nonprofits providing interesting, engaging content (particularly pictures and videos, which have higher rates of engagement), or are they falling short and being hidden from people's News Feeds, or "unliked" altogether?

Most people you're trying to reach are looking for something they can apply to their personal lives. Does your nonprofit deliver? Of the nonprofits I follow, I found the ones I liked best were those that provided infographics and stats that I found interesting, and calls to political action.

So step back and see your page through the eyes of a user. Are you providing what they want to read, or what you want to share? If you "liked" a page similar to your brand's, what content would you like to see?