Is your nonprofit reaching out to the "affluent, educated and influential" people on LinkedIn?

In Small Act's work with social data, we've noticed a trend among nonprofit donors on LinkedIn: Generally, they tend to give more than donors without a presence on LinkedIn. And we're starting to learn why: Compared with people on other social networks, people on LinkedIn tend to have higher salaries and more disposable income.

LinkedIn is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, and their team created the infographic below. On it, they state that:

LinkedIn members in the U.S. earn an average annual household income of $83,000 and have twice the buying power of the average U.S. consumer.

Also, 7 million LinkedIn members are C-level executives (VPs, presidents, and CEOs).

So the question becomes: Is your nonprofit making a special effort to find and target its members who are on LinkedIn for fundraising campaigns? (If not, we can help!)