Is it time to start using Pinterest at your nonprofit?


Mashable just posted a startling statistic: 1/3 of all U.S. women use Pinterest.

Couple that with the fact that two of Small Act's top ten most popular blog posts of the 2013 were about nonprofit Pinterest board ideas, and I think we can safely say that Pinterest is not only here to stay, but interest in the platform is growing.

Is Pinterest right for your nonprofit? It depends on who you are trying to reach. The demographics of Pinterest users skew heavily female, aged 18-50, with better-than-average income. If that's a group you're trying to target, then Pinterest is worth exploring.

I used to say that Pinterest was really meant for "highly visual" brands, but I've seen some great examples of how to use Pinterest even if your cause doesn't lend itself well to pretty photos. Check out these two blog posts for some idea fodder:

The slide deck below might help generate some ideas, too, as well as walk you through some basic how-to's of how to use Pinterest.

(Note: Reachli is no longer around, so ignore that section of the slide deck. There are other Pinterest measurement tools available - a quick Google search should help you find them.)

Got some great ideas for how to rock Pinterest in 2014? Share 'em in the comments!