Instagram video: Why isn't it catching on with nonprofits?

Back in June, I wrote about five nonprofits who jumped right into Instagram video, using it in creative ways within the first week of launch.

The potential for 15-second Instagram video (as opposed to Vine's mere 6 seconds) seemed awesome to me. Nonprofits could tell so much more of a story in video form than with a still photo, and still connect with short attention spans. Plus, these videos could be made on-the-fly, without worrying too much about precise editing.

But nonprofits haven't been eagerly diving into Instagram video, contrary to what I expected.

In fact, my original idea for this blog post was to do a follow-up to the original, showcasing more great nonprofit Instagram videos. But as I searched for major nonprofits on Instagram, the usual suspects who often use cutting-edge social media tools, I found very few videos.

I found several organizations who post lots of photos on Instagram, but haven't posted any videos at all, including Goodwill, Nature Conservancy, and the National Wildlife Federation. I also found several organizations who had posted one video at launch but failed to post any more since then, including National Geographic, Charity:Water, AARP, and the ONE Campaign

I'll grant that my hour-long search is hardly exhaustive of the entire nonprofit community, and it appears most nonprofits are staying away from Instagram as a whole, or set up accounts and failed to update them in several months.

But still, there's enough of a nonprofit user base on Instagram to make me wonder why Instagram video isn't catching on. Is it because users don't have the opportunity to get out into the field and take compelling video? Is it because they lack ideas? Are more people using Vine? Is it a case of upper management being scared of the lack of approval chain dictated by the tool (posting video instantly, as opposed to running it through appropriate channels)? Or is interest in Instagram waning because it's now owned by Facebook? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

In the meantime, though, I did find just a few awesome nonprofit Instagram videos I wanted to showcase here, so take a look at the ones below.

American Red Cross celebrates their 1 millionth Twitter follower

FreshFarm Markets gives a farmer's market tour

Part 1:

Part 2:

Construction of new San Francisco MOMA building