How to write the perfect fundraising email

Pay attention: This is how you write an email donation request. I received this email last week from

Donation request

Donation request

This is an awesome donation appeal, for a few reasons:

It's well-timed.

It hits right as the school year is starting. The need is now.

It's personal.

The email links to a project near where I live, and addresses me by name.

It's do-able.

The email doesn't tell me about tons of projects, just one, and it indicates they're already "near the finish line," so a small donation would make a difference.

It's simple.

They don't ask me to research to find a school in my area, they link me to one they've "identified [as] the most urgent...need." Only one click is required on my part.

It's brief.

The email is brief and to-the-point.

It's emotional.

Emphasizing the donation would be for a "high-need classroom" and that I have the opportunity to "inspire the teacher and students as they begin the new year" gives me that emotional tug needed to take action.

Way to go,!