How to use LinkedIn to get volunteers, donors, and more

Even the most social-media-savvy among us will admit that LinkedIn can be a challenge for organizations to use effectively.

While it is considered a social network, it just feels less social than, say, Twitter or Facebook. People don't usually go to LinkedIn to kill time; they go with a very specific purpose: Either to recruit people for a job or to look for jobs. Since most of their features are built around the idea of networking, how can your nonprofit fit in?

LinkedIn has actually released an interesting new feature in the past month that your nonprofit might want to consider. The LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace is an area where professionals and nonprofits can connect. Nonprofits can post volunteer opportunities for a fee (between $20 and $40).

Even if that doesn't appeal to you, though, there are other ways your nonprofit - and you! - can take advantage of LinkedIn's unique user base.

Does your organization use LinkedIn? Share your favorite tips in the comments.