How to show off your Twitter awesomeness with an easy-to-make video

Vizify, known for its infographic-like online resume sites, just launched a great app to help you show off the great work you and your organization do on Twitter.

It only takes a few minutes to create an awesome video:

  1. Go to the setup page  and click "Make mine."
  2. Link your Twitter account.
  3.  Wait as Vizify builds a one-of-a-kind video featuring your top tweets, the people you most commonly interact with, and photos you've posted on Twitter. (Be sure to watch as it processes - it takes a few minutes, but the loading screen is brilliant and hilarious.) 
  4. Once the video is created, you can change the music, rearrange, and choose different tweets and people to feature.
  5. Share! 

One of the downsides is that you can't embed the video on a webpage (hopefully they'll add that feature eventually), but you can easily share it on a variety of social networks. 

Click the image below to see the video for @SmallAct

Share a link to your Vizify Twitter video in the comments!