How to rock social media while you're away

'Tis the season for travel, conferences and vacations. Here's how to manage social media - and keep your sanity - while you're away. 


If you plan to stay connected: 

  1. Schedule out social media posts in advance using a tool like Thrive, and schedule blog posts, if applicable. (Be sure to adjust scheduled posts if a disaster occurs!)
  2. Alternatively, or additionally, designate  a "guest poster," either within your organization or perhaps a partner/board member/key volunteer who's social media-savvy. Choose someone you trust and make sure they understand the type of content you expect them to post. Announce when they take over your blog, Twitter account, Facebook account, Google+ account, etc. and make sure they "sign" each of their posts to identify that it's a guest post. (We're trying this on our Google+ page this week, while I'm on vacation - Jereme Bivins from the Foundation Center is our guest poster! Go say hello.)
  3. Use a robust Twitter app on your smartphone, like Tweetcaster. Set it up so that if notifies you when your account gets an @ reply, retweet, or direct message. 
  4. Install the Facebook Pages Manager app on your smartphone to keep up-to-date on your organization's page notifications.

If you plan to totally disconnect:  

  1. Schedule out social media and blog posts in advance. Be sure to designate somebody who will adjust those posts if there's a disaster. You can also consider a guest poster (more details above) if you like.
  2. Designate somebody to mind the accounts. Set this person up with an app that will notify them when a message, comment or @ reply is received, and make sure they have all the relevant login information and are comfortable responding to incoming messages and sending messages if something critical comes up.

Do you prefer to stay connected or totally disconnect when you're away from the office? Share your tips for others in the comments!

Photo credit:  GTez on Flickr