How to jumpstart your 2014 marketing and fundraising with social data

Whether you're in marketing, communications or fundraising, you communicate with a lot of people every day.

And if there's one thing we marketers and fundraisers have had drilled into our heads, over and over, it's the importance of knowing your audience.

But when you're working with a large number of people, that can be hard to do. Getting to know thousands or hundreds of thousands of people on an individual basis has historically been a daunting prospect at best, impossible at worst. 

Not anymore.

With social data, you can affordably get key information on each of the people you're trying to reach, including basic demographic information, their social media "prowess," and, most importantly, their current passions and interests. You can find and target the athletes, parents, pet owners, and others on your list with the click of a button. Then you can take that information and slice and dice it to better target your blast communications and inform your one-on-one conversations and emails with key prospects.

If you haven't already, please stop by to sign up for 1,000 free records to see if social data is good for your organization. And check out the slide shows on the right side of this blog post to see how other organizations are using social data today.