How do you say "thank you"?

People love being thanked. It helps keep us going! When I worked for KaBOOM!, we had a ritual of "sharing sand." Everybody had a sand pail on their desk and we had special notepads on which we expressed our appreciation for things our coworkers did, whether it was hosting a great Culture Captain event or helping out on a big project.



Now at Small Act, the tradition continues. Our Chief Love Officer, Kate, started it by doling out stars she cut out of colorful paper. She wrote on the star why someone had earned it and taped it to their desk.

As for me, when I'm particularly grateful to someone, I make them an origami crane. (I even held a brown bag lunch event where I taught my coworkers how to make origami cranes.)

I extend this practice to our community, too. When someone helps us out (by posting something nice about us on Facebook, helping out with a webinar, referring a client, etc.), I like to send them something fun - usually a crane or five with a thank-you note, or occasionally a playground ball (yes, you can actually send those in the mail). In a day where e-mail is king, people are surprised and delighted by a hand-written thank-you note, especially when it's accompanied by something that took a little extra effort.

How about you? How do you thank your donors, volunteers, etc.?