How C-suite executives can use social data

Board meeting

In my previous post, I talked about the benefits of social data for philanthropy, fundraising, and major gifts officers. Today, I’m going to talk about how C-suite executives (CEOs and VPs) can use social data.

While some high-level executives may be eager to jump into social media, and some are quite successful at using it, the true utility of social media for them isn’t as much about maintaining a presence as it is on using data gathered from social media to enhance what they’re already doing. Since they oversee a variety of people with a variety of responsibilities, acquiring relevant information for decision-making is paramount, and social data can be the key to finding that relevant information.

Here are some ways C-suite executives can use social data successfully:

Board Level Discussions

  • Social data can offer specific examples and give overviews of what your donors are talking about the most.
  • Social data can show tangible evidence of the successes of your social media work.

Internal Relevance

  • Social data can offer key points to use in conversations with staff, to keep them thinking strategically, i.e. “So, it looks like we got a big social lift spike on [topic]. What are your thoughts on that?”

Major Gift Relations

  • As noted in my previous post, social data can provide key data points on top prospects, including what their passions are and the best time to check in with them. Though major gift officers typically only manage a few to a few dozen contacts, it makes those engagements even more critical, so it’s important to have as much data as possible going into each interaction.

Corporate Partnerships/Relations/Donors

  • By understanding what is happening in the social community, executives can spot opportunities to engage with corporate relations/corporate donations to do a special event, etc.

Has your organization used social data to inform its executives? If so, what’s worked for you?