How are nonprofits using Thrive?

Thrive guidebook

Thrive guidebook

It's always hard to start from scratch. Learning from other people who have been in your situation is often the first step to building an effective strategy.

That's why, last fall, we launched a guidebook aimed at Thrive users. Titled “How to ROCK social media like a pro: Getting the most out of your Thrive social media software,” this 12-page how-to guide is written by Thrive users, for Thrive users. Each section walks you through a particular aspect of Thrive and how one organization uses that feature to its fullest.

Whether you want to know how to strategically use the contact management features, or just want to see a sample day-to-day checklist from a large or small organization, this guide has you covered.

If you’re interested in learning more about Thrive, go to this page, right here.