Here they are: Your top social media tips for nonprofits

Last week, I asked for your top social media tips for nonprofits. Here are the responses I received. Add your two cents to the comments on this post!

@greenmoon: Listen closely, respond quickly and thoughtfully.

Dan Owens: Know why you want to be on social media, and know why you want to be on a specific social media channel. Don't just do it because everyone else is.  Then, be persistent- like anything, it takes time to be successful.

501cTechWe always advocate a pragmatic approach - in all likelihood, a nonprofit organization doesn't have a full-time staff person dedicated to monitoring, posting, responding and maintaing their social media (if they do, that's awesome!). Since staff time is limited, we advocate picking one social media site and learning to use it well. If you only have limited time to learn and use the site, it makes sense to limit your scope.

Anniemonline: Know your audience, know your strategy, know your media.

Julie: Invest in photography lessons (if a professional photographer is not in your budget), because photos are the MOST important element when posting on Facebook, Pinterest, and many other social media outlets (not to mention your own website).

Jereme BivinsOne of the biggest things I've learned in social is that people connect with people, not logos, not brands, not even organizations. You can absolutely support a cause, but to really connect with your audience, your brand needs genuine spokespeople, complete with names, faces, and a pulse. Be transparent about who's Tweeting in your Twitter bio, sign blog posts with your name (and a link to a page about who you are) -- highlight your humanity. You'll form richer networks, deeper relationships, and be able to parlay that success between the online and offline spaces with greater ease.