Hacked website? Broken Wordpress plugin? Call these guys.



I'm pretty swift with technology and can solve most web problems that come up...but there are some that are simply beyond my ken (and, occasionally, my Barbie). When that happens...I seek outside help.

Here are two groups I've worked with and been very impressed by over the past couple of years, for when those crisis situations hit. They're nimble, fast, courteous, reasonably-priced, and they get the job done.

Site got hacked? Malware attack? Visit Sucuri.

Sucuri Security is a company that specializes in fixing hacked websites, but the best part about it is that they guarantee your site will remain malware-free for a year, or they will fix it for free. No need to call - just fill out their web form. 70 percent of their customers' sites are back up and malware-free within three hours. They're responsive and helpful.

Got a Wordpress problem you just can't figure out? Check out True Media Concepts.

True Media Concepts builds Wordpress sites, but they also help fix them, for very reasonable rates. They're great for when that one plugin stops working for NO REASON, or for when your site just gets borked one way or another. They're friendly, courteous, and extremely quick to respond.

What are your favorite companies to use when a crisis hits? Give them some love in the comments!

Photo credit: Basykes on Flickr