Great reads from around the web, January 2013



Hi everybody! It's that time again...let's see what's new and exciting in the World Wide Web (does anybody even use that term anymore? I feel like I should have an animated gif of a spinning globe next to it).

Nonprofit-centric data sharing sites (NTEN)
"There are many sites that allow you to upload data, as well as download other data, for free. These are just a handful of nonprofit-focused data sharing sites to get you started."

Google Plus is a social backplane service (Chris Brogan)
This one came to my attention after writing the post "Google+ is not dead yet" last week. Chris Brogan knows his web marketing, and he agrees that Google+ was never meant to compete with Facebook, but is in the process of becoming something much more powerful.

How to get the best results from Facebook promoted posts (SocialBrite)
Hey, it's a super-handy how-to post, I wonder who wrote--Oh look, it's John Haydon. What a surprise! :-)

9 Non-Profits That Get Web Humor (Mashable)
This slideshow features some excellent and innovative work done by web-savvy nonprofits; great examples of things your nonprofit can try.