Just got stuck managing your org's website? Help is on the way...

Last fall, we ran a guest post by Amy Lee featuring an excerpt from her book "Excuse Me? I'm Doing What Now? The Office Worker's Guide To Managing a Website For Those Who Just Got Stuck With It."

The book addresses a perennial problem in short-staffed, underfunded organizations, particularly nonprofits: people often have to take on responsibilities for which they have limited training or expertise, and there's often no budget or time to provide the training necessary.

When her guest post went up on the site in October, Lee had just started posting chapters of the book to her blog. As of today, the book is available on the blog in its entirety, and available on Kindle and in print as well.

Chapters include:

The book is written from the perspective of someone who's been "in the trenches" for years and helped coach others through the process many, many times. Lee speaks from experience!

Check it out, and pass it on to colleagues in need!