From hurricanes to PR disasters: Crisis management on social media

I've spent the past few days stocking up on supplies and checking to make sure everything in the apartment was ready for Hurricane Sandy.

It's my first major hurricane, and having grown up where tornadoes strike often and with almost no warning, I'm grateful that I had a few days' notice to prepare for potential power outages and closed grocery stores. Most crises you face in your nonprofit will probably be closer to tornadoes than hurricanes. Which is all the more reason to be prepared.

Here are some links that will help you prepare for handling a crisis on social media:

Social Media Crisis Planning white paper by Melissa Agnes

An excellent point about how to sensitively deal with anniversaries of tragedies on social media.

Two excellent SlideShare presentations on handling crisis communications at nonprofits:

Brooke McMillan Online Community Management During Tough Times


Social Media for Nonprofits

And finally, a book recommendation: Stop the Presses: The Crisis and Litigation Desk Reference.

Do you have additional crisis planning resource recommendations? Share them in the comments!

And stay safe, everyone!