Finding support for your project with Foundation Grants to Individuals Online

The following is a guest post by George Ford of the Foundation Center, a partner of Small Act's. He's presenting a webinar going into more detail on this newly-launched grant tool tomorrow.

The Foundation Center recently completed a comprehensive redesign of our online database for individual grantseekers, Foundation Grants to Individuals Online, a source for detailed descriptions of nearly 10,000 foundation programs that fund students, artists, researchers, and others.

Foundation grants to individuals can be tough to come by. After all, foundation support overwhelmingly goes to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. However, support is available in the form of scholarships, fellowships, arts and research grants, support for attending conferences and seminars, and fiscal sponsorship, among others. With Foundation Grants to Individuals Online you can customize a search based on 15 different search fields including types of support, plus geographic criteria, fields of interest, and keywords.

How can this help you? By conducting a targeted search you’ll find detailed funder profiles including valuable information such as program areas, limitations, application information, financial data, links to social media, and more. What you learn about these funding prospects will help you throughout your proposal development process, from choosing your best matches, to making an initial approach, to the formal application or proposal, and beyond to maintaining a relationship with that funder after the grant.

An example: Let’s say you’re researching gender issues and financial access in the developing world, and you’re interested in finding financial support for writing a book on these issues. You could enter women, economics, developing countries, and other similar terms from the fields of interest search index, and research, publications, travel grants, and project support from the types of support index. There are a lot of options that allow you to find a substantive list of potential funders, and more options to narrow your search further to those foundations that are accepting applications or those that have given more or less than a certain dollar amount.

And about that redesign? We’ve made Foundation Grants to Individuals Online faster and easier to use, adding information like social media links and more funder background information, and we’ve begun updating the database weekly instead of once per quarter, among other enhancements.

In addition to Foundation Grants to Individuals Online, the Foundation Center has many other offerings for individual grantseekers available at, including webinars and in-person training and a grantseeking knowledge base with lists of FAQs. Keep up to date with these events and courses and check out Foundation Grants to Individuals Online at The Foundation Center has a lot of resources to offer; call or email us to find out more!

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