Come Thrive with us

We've just launched our new software platform, Thrive! Thanks to all the awesome nonprofiteers who helped test it and make it the great product it is today. Let me give you a little taste of the fantastic new features.

Keep track of your top supporters with the new "contacts" tab

Contacts tab

Contacts tab

People who reply to you or share your messages with their friends will all show up in a new "contacts" tab. Want to add someone else? Just click their username when you see it in Thrive, and they’ll be added automatically. Not only that, but clicking their username will allow you to...

See your supporters' other social networks

When you click someone’s username in Thrive, the profile pane pops up with that person's basic info and links to their presences on other social networks (i.e. Twiter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.). In this pane, you can follow or unfollow the person, add notes about him or her, and see all the various instances where they've mentioned your cause.

Gain finer control over calendar posts

Calendar tab

Calendar tab

Posts you set up in advance can now be published in five-minute increments (i.e. 11:05 a.m.) instead of just on the hour.

Keep it open in the background

If you’re like me and keep Thrive open all day, but don’t want it consuming a tab in your browser, now you can “pop out” the inbox and/or sent tabs, and have them live in a slimmer, separate window.

Reply with links and photos

You can now easily add links and photos to replies, and also post links and photos from the calendar tab.

And as always, you can compose messages for Twitter, Facebook, and/or Flickr to send now or for the future; manage your responses to all the networks on the same screen, and see robust reports on the effectiveness of your efforts on all three platforms.

What do we think of all these cool new features? We agree with @strandedwind: