Breaking the mold on social media

WSJ Quotes Board

WSJ Quotes Board

Earlier this week, I saw a fantastic article on how the Wall Street Journal is using Pinterest. Yes, you read that correctly.

When I think of the Wall Street Journal, I think of a paper that is full of black and white, tiny text about dry, financial matters. When I think of Pinterest, I think of beautiful, colorful pictures, mostly of shoes and dresses.

How can these two entities possibly work together, while retaining their individual purposes and branding?

The answer is: juicy quotes.

One of the things people love to share on Pinterest are quotes they find inspiring or interesting. So the Wall Street Journal shares good quotes from its top stories on Pinterest, thusly:

Each pin is an image of a quote from a recent WSJ story shown floating over a column of blurred out text, much like pull-quotes do in an actual story. A short description accompanies each pin, allowing the quote to stand alone. By clicking on an individual quote, readers/pinners are taken to the original story it was published in. [via]

It's easy to dismiss a social media platform because it isn't, at first glance, a natural fit for your organization. It's how people felt about Twitter, initially: "Nobody cares what I ate for breakfast." But the deeper you dive and the more creative you get with it, the easier it is to find innovative ways to make use of it.

What's the most innovative approach you've seen on Pinterest, or any other social media platform, lately?