Bite-sized social strategy: Google+

This is the third in a series of posts of super-condensed social media strategy. Don’t have time to read volumes of posts or books on how to do something? Here are the high points.

(Like the Blue Fairy in Once Upon a Time - seriously, how awesome was that season finale? - these posts are short, but helpful.)



What is Google+?

  • Google+ is a new social network that combines the strengths of Facebook (friending, news feed, multimedia sharing), with Tumblr and Twitter (one-sided friending/following) and all the goodness of Google (integration with Gmail, search, and more).
  • It looks and feels a lot like Facebook, but without as many annoying privacy issues. The privacy settings are much simpler than Facebook's, and your followers won't be able to see everything you +1 or comment on.

Why bother?

  • It integrates with tons of other Google products and drives web traffic (possibly better than Facebook or Twitter).
  • It's always good to learn the etiquette and fun tricks of a social network early on.
  • Hangouts offer interesting opportunities for connecting with stakeholders, particularly now that they're opening up Hangouts on Air, which you can broadcast to an unlimited number of users.

General Google+ strategy: Experiment, help SEO

  • Experiment with a personal profile first, then set up a brand page.
  • Try participating in some Hangouts to see if they might be a good way to reach your supporters.
  • Experiment with hashtags to see what helps you gain traction with those you aren't following yet.
  • Add a +1 button to your blog/website for improved SEO.

What questions (or tips) do you have about Google+?

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