Bite-sized social strategy: YouTube

This is the fifth in a series of posts of super-condensed social media strategy. Don’t have time to read volumes of posts or books on how to do something? Here are the high points.

(Like Oompa Loompas, these posts are short, but helpful.)



What is YouTube?

  • YouTube is Google's video-sharing site.

Why bother?

  • While creating videos can be tricky and more time-consuming than other social networks, videos give your organization a unique opportunity to tell its story in a more tangible way.

General YouTube strategy: Short, compelling, entertaining content

  • Optimum video time is 2 minutes or less. Shorter is better, as attention spans drop sharply after 30 seconds.
  • Create content people want to watch. People generally do not want to watch commercials (unless they are very entertaining).
  • Make it entertaining, moving, heart-wrenching - whatever it takes to tell your story and get people to watch.
  • Check out YouTube's nonprofit program to get extra features on your account.

More tips are here from John Haydon. What's your top YouTube tip?

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