Bite-sized social strategy: Photo sharing sites and apps

This is the seventh in a series of posts of super-condensed social media strategy. Don’t have time to read volumes of posts or books on how to do something? Here are the high points.

(Like the quadratic equation, these posts are short, but helpful.)


What are they?

  • Flickr, Instagram, Hipstamatic, etc.
  • Photo sharing sites and apps allow users to share photos with friends and/or the world at large.
  • Some offer the ability to add fun effects to your photos as well.

Why bother?

  • These sites and apps offer a great chance to showcase “visual” causes (particularly ones working with animals, nature, etc.).
  • They give you the ability to showcase people engaging with your cause, i.e. volunteers.
  • You can create real-time, collaborative albums for events.
  • You can conduct contests (like National Geographic did with Hipstamatic in honor of the release of their movie, "Life in a Day").

General photo-sharing strategy: Target your audiences

  • Show your brand’s visual side.
  • Consider contests/real-time group photo sharing. Give people the hashtag you're using in advance of an event and encourage them to contribute their pictures.
  • Engage in subcommunities. Find people doing things similar to what you are and use relevant hashtags.

Instagram posted three great nonprofit case studies and Armchair Advocate has five ways nonprofits can use Instagram.

What’s your top photo-sharing tip?

(Previously: TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInYouTube and Pinterest. Up next, the final installment in the series: Location-based services.)