Best tweets of #12NTC so far

The Nonprofit Technology Conference is in full swing. Here are some of the best tweets we've seen so far. Follow along at #12NTC!

@GuideCreative: Redesign and launch are the beginning not the end. There is no finish line in web design. #12NTC #12NTCredesign

@kmontenegro: "IT has no IT goals: we support program activities" #12ntc #12ntcrisk

@CenterNonprof: Don't underestimate the intelligence of your followers/fans. People are interested in policy issues and "unsexy" stuff #12NTC #12NTCBirds

@MoDBev: Why do we care about mobile? 87% of all American adults have a cell phone. #12NTC

@networkFLiP: Why should you care about mobile strategies? Pew says 66% of young adults have a smart phone. #12NTCmobileprograms #12ntc

@Communic8nHowe: #12ntc #101smt My fav tactic: Repeat your important tweets esp to promote events. Rare for anyone to see all your tweets.

@thedatabank: RT @rally: "People who take action online are more likely to give online. Give people ways to connect beyod donating." #12NTCredesign #12NTC

@MoDBev: Make your current site mobile friendly or build for mobile. #12NTC

@BillTrack50: "This decade (like when the printing press was invented) will be pivotal in human history" -- Craig Newmark #12NTC #12NTCsopa

@brimalscream: Test your site on mobile using Mobile Emulator #12ntc

@qcait: "Most of what I do on Twitter is retweeting. Because sharing is good,& it saves me the burden of original thought" @craignewmark #12NTC

@msftcitizenship: Our @JaneMeseck looks at 15 years of nonprofit tech and #12NTC

@SMacLaughlin: Change usually has more to do with people and processes than the technology. #12NTC

@GuideCreative: Make sure your content speaks to your audience, not your board #12ntc52tweaks #12NTC

@nicole_amber: Communications strategy should always begin at the end: define success, and work backwards from there. #12NTC #12NTCviz

@rally: Anyone can make a data dashboard! Doesn't need to be hi-tech. Put most important info in 1 page to help your brain make connections. #12ntc

@brightplus3: The “general public” doesn’t exist. Your audience is never “everyone.” #nimblenpo #12ntc