Best tweets of #12NTC, part 2

The Nonprofit Technology Conference continued to be awesome, judging by the Twitter stream! Here are some more fantastic, bite-sized bits of knowledge shared on Twitter from the event:

@cmcnally: Curious about how websites look to people w low vision? Free apps: iPhone: & Android: #12ntc #a11y

@jcbivins: Great advice // Stop doing things that don't work, stop doing things that don't make sense, stop. #12NTC

@silsen: Individuals represent 82% of all philanthropy. We need to put some responsibility for innovation in that camp. ~ @laagving2 #12ntc

@NicoleCOP: Brian Reich: I don't think innovation comes from organizations. Comes from individuals and ideas. #12ntc

@rally: Gorgeous (and insightful) visual notes of yesterday's #12NTC sessions by @RobCottingham are now available! #RallyNotes

@brightplus3: Key to being great isn’t emulating “private sector" but learning from their best practices. #12ntc #nimblenpo

@artezonline:  "11% of all web traffic is currently mobile devices - your website is 'mobile' whether you like it or not" - @PayPalNonprofit #12ntc

@ntenhross: Every year, my convos at #12ntc help me rethink and reshape what @NTENorg can be. Thank you all.

@nativemedia: 90% of people that click "Like" on Facebook org pages, never visit the page they "Liked" again (b4 timeline) - @cariegrls #12NTCLike #12NTC

@SteveHeye: RT @VisionLink: "Behind every great organization, there is 1 central thought. that thought needs to be BIG, SIMPLE & TRUE" #12ntcMsg #12ntc

@CenterNonprof: Sometimes when you have silos you need a really big manure storage tank #12NTC #12NTCsynchro

@ericamills: Easy fix for synching communications: Media center with downloads of logos, key messaging, ppt templates, etc. #12ntc #12ntcsynchro

@Schipul: Words people like to click on in Facebook ads: cuddle, snuggle, thrill. Least: museum, statue, square, tree. #12NTC

@OnePercentFndn: The key to going viral on YouTube is to get 45,000 views in the first 12 hours and get people to comment, share, and favorite. #12ntc

@rizado: Take heed #12ntc RT @NathanFillion If you speak in acronyms and someone has to ask you what you mean, are you really saving any time?