Around the web: Social media tips and ideas

Every day, I look for the best of the best in social media articles so I can share them with you, our faithful readers! Here are some great articles with some helpful tips and ideas I've found recently. You can find more on our StumbleUpon page.

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The shyness factor in social media – 5 ways to jump in and thrive (Social Media Notebook)
What's an introvert to do in an environment that's all about sharing? This article has some practical tips.

5 nonprofit iPhone apps you should know about (Mashable)
Awhile back, I wrote about what nonprofits should know before developing a mobile app. Here are some nonprofit apps that really shine while doing quirky and interesting things to help move a nonprofit's mission forward.

How to link your Facebook Page to your donation page (John Haydon)
This article offers a simple, straightforward guide to giving folks a means to donate to your cause through your Facebook page. John shows a variety of methods, each with different advantages and various levels of difficulty to implement.

License songs for your YouTube videos at $1.99 each (Mashable)
A handy new utility allows people to use music in their YouTube videos for $1.99 per song, as long as it's for non-commercial purposes.

Facebook case study: From 517 to 33,000 fans in two weeks (plus media coverage) (Marketing Experiments)
Learn how the California State Parks Foundation expanded their Facebook audience through strategic use of petitions, cross promotion, and clear calls to action.

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