Around the web: New social media resources for nonprofits

I'm always amazed, when I sit down to write an "Around the web" post, by the sheer number of awesome things that have been posted online in such a short period of time. I mean, look at all of this:

How to promote your social media presence: Check out these great examples of how various nonprofits (including our clients, Defenders of Wildlife and National Park Foundation) incorporate social media icons onto their homepages.

No more excuses: I loved this simple how-to guide on addressing excuses for not being on social media. Great stuff for those who are still trying to convince their org that it's worth the staff time and effort.

Get those lapsed donors back: One of the best things a social CRM can offer you is the chance to win back those who donated once (or multiple times) but haven't been back in quite some time. By nurturing a relationship with them online, you can take advantage of that opportunity. This article has some great advice on ways to approach lapsed donors.

Think Tank: Our friends at SocialFish just launched Think Tank, an online peer-to-peer learning hub and knowledge library of social media resources for associations and nonprofits. Looks like an awesome resource collection!

Google What-alytics? Get started with everybody's favorite free web analytics tool with this handy how-to guide from Mashable.

Watch out for "Cause Fatigue": The headline on this article talks about the differences between men's and women's cause support on social media, but I thought the really interesting part was about "Cause Fatigue," and how nearly three-quarters of respondents said that emails from a nonprofit "felt like spam." Yikes! I wonder if that'll change the way nonprofits approach email?